Route 100 Memorial Page

Route 100 of Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") had its inaugural journey at 1:00pm on 1 December 1995. It was a cross harbour service for Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay. KMB used air-conditioned, 2+2 seating cofigurated double deckers with in-vehicle radio broadcast for this route. Twelve 12-metre Volvo Olympians were allocated. The most special feature for the route was its continuous shuttle and direct routeing. In the early time it charged $5 per journey, and the fare was then increased to $6. It ran from 7:30am-11:00pm for Mondays to Saturdays, and 9:00am-11:00pm for Sundays and public hoildays. The scheduled frequency was 5-6 minutes. Journey distance of the route was 14 km while the scheduled journey time was 60 minutes.

After operating for 17 months, the route was cancelled and the last day of service was 30 April 1997.

Bus Stops

  1. Concordia Plaza / Science Museum
  2. Toll Plaza Stop

    Cross Harbour Tunnel

  3. Morrison Hill Road / Tin Lok Lane
  4. Hennessy Road / Canal Road
  5. Sogo Department Store
  6. Daimaru Department Store
  7. World Trade Centre / Excelsior

    Cross Harbour Tunnel

  8. Toll Plaza Stop
  9. Opposite Diocesan Girls' School
  10. Prudential Centre
  11. St. Andrew's Church / Royal Observatory
  12. Opposite Islamic Centre
  13. Sheraton Hotel / Holiday Inn Golden Mile
  14. Opposite New World Centre / Regent Hotel
  15. Shangri-La Hotel

Vehicles Allocated

3AV95(GP 6654) 3AV102(GP 7387)
3AV96(GP 6690) 3AV103(GP 7629)
3AV98(GP 6970) 3AV104(GP 7748)
3AV99(GP 7100) 3AV105(GP 7842)
3AV100(GP 7285) 3AV106(GP 7857)
3AV101(GP 7359) 3AV109(GP 8309)

3AV102 and 3AV103 (1997/04/20)

3AV105 (1995/12/11)

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