World's Largest Passengers Bus
NEOPLAN Megashuttle

The 15-metre Neoplan Megashuttle arrived in Hong Kong on 10 July 1997 for trial by Hong Kong bus operators. The first one is Kowloon Motor Bus and was followed by Citybus. After the period of trial the bus has been returned to NEOPLAN.

When the photos on this page were taken, the bus was situated in Citybus Ap Lei Chau Depot, on 16 August 1997 and had been on trial on the following days.

Vehicle Specifications

Model: NEOPLAN N4032/4 Megashuttle
Length: 15m
Width: 2.5m
Height: 4m
1st axle weight: 7,100kg
2nd axle weight: 7,100kg
3rd axle weight: 11,000kg
4th axle weight: 7,100kg
Number of seats: 95
Number of Standees: 75

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