Route 300

In order to relief the over-congested "Nathan Road Corridor" of Mass Transit Railway, the Transport Department of the Government of Hong Kong introduced the 300-series bus routes in 1991. First of these routes, Route 300, was officially launched on 13 May 1991. The route was originally served between MTR Prince Edward Station and Central, and was extended to Sheung Wan later. It was solely operated by Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") in the early days. New air-conditioned Leyland Olympians and Dennis Dragons were allocated. Some special buses in the KMB fleet such as the first air-conditioned Scania N113s AS1 and AS2, the first air-conditioned Volvo Olympian AV1, and the "Music Bus" AL71, ever served the route for some periods of time.

In 1993, China Motor Bus ("CMB") started to operate the route with KMB. When CMB's franchise was terminated since 1 September, 1998, KMB became the sole operator again. On the same day, KMB started to allocate Dennis Tridents to the route.

In 1999, the Transport Department decided to cancel Route 300. The last day of the route was on 15 May 1999, 2 days after the 8th birthday of the route.

The brand new Dennis Dragon AD6 (EU 7767) is seen providing
the second day service of the route. (1991/05/14)

Another bus serving the route in this day was this Leyland Olympian AL32 (ET 2032). The
bus on the right of the photo is Dennis Dominator SD3 (CT 9686) of CMB. (1991/05/14)

Attractive bus body advertisements were painted on two Leyland Olympians to promote the route. This AL38 (ET 7856) was one of the both. Can you recognise the lady in the advertisement? (1991/05/14)

Leyland Olympian AL27 (ET 1852) arriving in Cross Harbour Toll Plaza. Every morning buses of the route did not board any passenger here, since Route 301 is responsible to carry passengers from here to Wan Chai and Central during this period. The Route 301 bus in the photo is a Dennis Dragon, which was registered as EU 9067 with AD11 as fleet number. Note the old body of AL27 was burnt in April 1993 and the bus was then rebodied in 1997. (1991/07/01)

Leyland Olympian AL71 (EZ 4416) was promoted as the 'Music Bus' when new. (1991/12/13)

(Please click HERE for the enlarged version.)

AL71 in the inauguration ceremony of 'Music Bus'. Note the
Central Plaza on the background was still under construction. (1991/12/13)

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