Route 300

Inauguration ceremony for another Route 300 bus: This time was the turn of the first air-conditioned Scania N113 AS1 (FU 482). (1993/10/09)

CMB Volvo Olympian VA25 (GG 8241) is seen having a rest at the old Central Ferry Piers bus terminus. (1995/02/07)

CMB Volvo Olympian VA14 (GE 9536) was ever a scheduled bus of Route 300. The Legislative Council Building at back had been there for more than 80 years, but this bus route could only be alive for 8 years. (1998/03/05)

CMB Volvo Olympian VA9 (GE 6431) just arriving the Cross Harbour Toll Plaza. (1998/05/20)

Golden Trident ATR9 (HV 7967): KMB started to allocate Dennis Tridents
to Route 300 since September 1998. (1998/09/19)

Dennis Trident ATR69 (HY 1092), with a Duple Metsec body, is seen just finishing the final journey of the Sheung Wan Bound of the route. The bus was waiting to have the last journey of the MTR Prince Edward Station Bound, which subsequently departed at 8:00p.m. (1999/05/15)

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