Air-conditioned 12m Volvo Olympian

Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") introduced the first batch of 50 (3AV1-50) 12-metre air-conditioned Volvo Olympians in 1994. These buses were powered by Cummins LT10 engines with ZF 4HP500 transmission. The buses were fitted with 3+2 seating configuration.

Second batch of the buses consisted of 70 further vehicles (3AV51-120), which were acquired during 1995-96. These buses were powered by Volvo TD102KF engines with Voith DIWA 863.2 transmission. Starting from this batch of buses, 2+2 seating configuration was adopted. Also, the modified Nippondenso air-condition systems were installed.

3AV121-170 represented the third batch of buses introduced during 1996-97.

The last batch of buses was also the largest one, which involved 168 vehicles (3AV171-338) which were acquired in 1997.

Mechanic specifications were not the same for the buses in the last two batches. Early buses were powered by Volvo TD102KF engines with Voith DIWA 863.2 transmission, while the later vehicles were powered by EURO II standard Volvo D10A engines, with ZF 4HP500 transmission.

Ten buses, 3AV339-348, were new to Long Win Bus ("LWB") in 1997, and were also the first members of the LWB fleet. They were later transferred to KMB, after the introduction of Dennis Tridents to LWB.

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3AV1-50 3AV51-170 3AV171-348

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