Non Air-conditioned Leyland Olympian - 12 metres (3BL)

Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") introduced the first 3-axle Leyland Olympian in 1982, which was a 12-metre ECW bodied demonstrator with 1 entrance and 2 exits. KMB further purchased 162 vehicles of production version during 1983-86. These buses are also equiped with 3 doors and are 12 metres in length. However, Alexander R-type bodies were chosen instead of ECW.

These 162 Olympians were introduced through 4 orders. The first 2 orders comprised 3BL2-21 and 3BL22-41 respectively, and these 40 buses were classified by KMB as Type A. Addition 20 buses, 3BL42-61, were introduced and were classified as Type B. The final order is also the biggest one, which was placed for 102 vehicles (3BL62-163). These buses from the final batch were classified as Type C. The classification by the Company are mainly based on the different passenger capacities which vary between 149 and 164.

The appearances of these Olympians are generally similar to the 2-axle Leyland Olympians (BL) acquired at the corresponding periods of time.

Photographs of some of the Alexander bodied 3BL buses are available. Please click on the links below to access.

3BL1-61 3BL62-163

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