Mitsubishi FUSO MP618N

In 1993 Mitsubishi supplied a FUSO MP618N single-decker (Chassis Number: MP618N-10010) to various Hong Kong bus operators for evaluation purpose. The bus was registered as FL 5622 on 12 February 1993, with an authorized capacity of 45 seats and 28 standees.

During 1993-94, the bus was delivered to 3 public bus operations for trial run. They are Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB"), Citybus and Kowloon-Canton Railway ("KCRC") Bus Division. In 1995, the bus was finally sold to a private bus company.

Photographs for the bus are available below. Please click on them for the enlarged version.

  • The bus was a scheduled bus of Route 2 when it was on trial run in KMB. KMB assigned AP1 as the fleet number. "AP1" was later re-assigned to the Company's first Neoplan Centroliner HY 1677 in 1999. (1993/06/03)

  • After the end of the trial period in KMB, the bus was transferred to Citybus, and the bus was assigned 1205 as the fleet number by Citybus. (1994/05/07)

  • After being returned by Citybus, the bus was transferred to KCRC. Finally none of these 3 public bus operators had the intention to acquire the bus, and it was sold to a private bus company in 1995. (2000/02/05)

  • For quite a long period of time the bus was allocated to work as a supermarket free feeder bus in Tin Shui Wai. (2000/09/09)

  • The bus is seen participating in the Bus Show 2002 organized by a bus fan organization, with the latest livery. (2002/04/21)

  • Interior view of the bus. (2002/04/21)

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