Airport Bus Services

To and from Hong Kong International Airport at Kai Tak

First two airport bus routes were 200 and 201 operated by Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") since 1975, using mainly Albion Viking EVK55CL coaches. From 1985, these non-air conditioned coaches were replaced by air-conditioned Dennis Falcons. Shortly after the change, the services were specific named as "Airbus" and the 2 routes were re-structured and broken into Route A1, A2 and A3. Route A4, A5, A7 and A8 were then launched in different periods, but Route A4 and A8 were repectively cancelled. Dennis Darts and Lances were introduced to replace most of the Falcons in 1993.

KMB was the sole operator of franchised airport bus services until 1995, when China Motor Bus ("CMB") introduced Route A20 with Carlyle and Marshall Darts on September 17 of the year.

All the airport bus services for Kai Tak were terminated since 6 July 1998, when the replacement airport at Chek Lap Kok commenced its operation. The new airport bus services are operated by Long Win Bus, Citybus and New Lantao Bus.

  • A1: Airport - Tsim Sha Tsui (Circular)
    Dennis Lance AN24 (FW 3600) (1997/06/29)

    Route A1 was the successor of former Route 201.

  • A2: Airport - Central (Macau Ferry Terminal)
    Dennis Lance AN17 (FS 6907) (1993/12/28)

    Route A2 was derived from former Route 200 but differed from which, Route A2 offered a more direct route towards Central. Normally A2 used Dennis Lances but in some peak periods double-deckers might be seen. The picture shows Lion Rock at the background.

  • A3: Airport - Causeway Bay (Circular)
    Dennis Dart AA14 (FP 997) (1993/12/28)

    Route A3 replaced part of former Route 200 in Causeway Bay. Many Darts later had a local airline's advertisement on their bodies and this standard Airbus livery was then unfamiliar.

  • A5: Airport - Tai Koo Shing (Circular)
    Dennis Dart AA19 (FP 1778) (1998/06/25)

    Route A5 served four major hotels in Eastern District via Cross Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing.

  • A7: Airport - MTR Kowloon Tong Station (Circular)
    Mitsubishi Fuso MK117 AM108 (EW 918) (1996/12/31)

    Route A7 was the shortest and least expensive route. When it was first introduced, only 24-seat Toyota Coasters were used. However, it was the company's policy to withdraw all the Coasters and after that, this kind of Mitsubishi buses were used to replaced the Toyota ones.

  • A20: Airport - Central (Exchange Square)
    Dennis Dart CX2 (GD 6249) (1995/12/23)

    Route A20 was the first and only franchised route operated by a non-KMB company, it was operated by CMB instead. Normally Carlyle and Marshall Darts were used, but similar to Route A2, double-deckers such as Dennis Condors might be seen on this route.

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