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In addition to the 21 Dennis Darts 1401-21, 15 more Darts (1422-36) joint the fleet of Citybus in 1997. However, different from the former ones, these Darts are SLF (Super Low Floor) version. Plaxton Pointer was chosen as the body of these buses, and seperated entrance and exit are installed. The exit is located near the rear axle, in order to attract passengers to move to the rear part of the bus while boarding.

1426 (HB 7989) on Route 48 near Aberdeen bus terminus. (1998/03/04)

The early days of 1427 (HB 8988). The bus had just arrived in Jardine's Lookout and the bus captain was changing the destination display. (1997/04/20)

Citybus normally allocates single-deckers on Route 41A. This day 1428 (HC 5075) served the route together with other Volvo B6LEs. (1999/05/23)

1431 (HC 8802) is seen wearing the new emblem of 'Dart SLF', which is exactly the one as shown on the top left hand corner of this page. (1997/05/02)

1436 (HC 9965) is the last Citybus Dart SLF to come. This day the bus was on Route 29R. (1998/08/06)

Interior view of a Dart SLF. (1997/04/18)

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