Leyland Victory-2
Citybus was awarded the franchise to operate 26 routes previously operated by China Motor Bus and purchased 10 Leyland Victory-2s from New Lantao Bus (NLB), in addition to second-hand Leyland Atlanteans, as well as other brand new buses. They were allocated 36-45 as fleet numbers. Actually among the 10 buses, 6 were originally new to Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB).

During 1996-97, Citybus withdrew the Victory-2s from passenger service. Five of them were scrapped and among the rest, 37 was converted to be a training bus, 36 was converted to be a tree pruning vehicle, and, 38, 44 and 45, were converted to service trucks.

Above and below: 37 (CY 3749) was repainted with Citybus livery after becoming a training bus. The bus was purchased by NLB from Leyland. (Above: 1997/08/16; Below: 1998/03/04)

Above and below: 36 (CN 2611) was converted to a tree pruning bus. The bus was LD3 in the NLB era. (Above: 1997/12/28; Below: 1997/08/16)

Above: 44 (HF 2787) was a third-hand bus converted to service truck for towing buses. The bus was LD14 in the NLB era and G543 in the KMB era. (1999/01/02)

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