Dennis Darts with Carlyle Bodies

First Dennis Dart was built in 1990 with Duple (Metsec) Dartline body, and the production of this type of body was eventually transferred to Carlyle. In summer 1990 two Dart demonstrators with Carlyle body were introduced to Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") and Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation ("KCRC") Bus Division respectively for evaluation purpose. After the end of the demonstration period, the buses were then returned to Dennis Specialist Vehicles ("DSV"). They were finally purchased by KMB in 1992 and became AA1 and AA2. Another demonstrator EU 3821 was also introduced to China Motor Bus ("CMB") in 1991 and CMB was satisfied with the performance of the bus and purchased another 19.

The 20 Carlyle Darts of CMB were purchased by New World First Bus on 1 September 1998.

Title Page: DC19 (FA 2285) wearing the livery of New World First Bus. (1999/07/11)

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Above: The photo was taken at KMB Tuen Mun Depot when this EP 5213 was still a demonstrator owned by DSV. Finally the bus was purchased by KMB and the Company assigned AA1 as the fleet number. (1991/11/04)


KMB uses AA1 as a 'Mobile Service Centre' and the bus no longer a franchised bus. Note the difference between the destination panel of this photo with the one shown above. (1998/07/31)

Above: EP 1863 was originally provided to KCRC Bus Division for evaluation. Finally the bus became AA2 of KMB. In early days, the bus, together with AA1, was allocated to Route 2. (1994/03/20)


This day AA2 was used for carrying promotional materials to Cross Harbour Tunnel Toll Plaza. (1997/10/07)

AA2 is seen on normal passenger service, on Route 248M. (2001/04/28)

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