Dennis Darts with Northern Counties Bodywork

Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") purchased 11 Dennis Darts with Northern Counties Paladin body and 6 of them (AA43-48) subsequently entered service since late-1995. In March 1997, when the Lok Ma Chau - Huanggang Cross-Border Shuttle Bus service commenced, among the mentioned 6 buses, 5 of them (AA43-47) were then withdrawn from service in KMB and became members of the Cross-Border bus fleet with the remaining 5 that had never been registered as KMB buses. AA48 then became the only one Northern Counties bus in the KMB fleet.

In addition, 3 Darts with the same type of body were purchased by Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation ("KCRC") Bus Division.

KMB AA45 (GL 9113) when new: The bus is now a Cross-Border Shuttle Bus. (1995/08/26)

AA48 (GS 9019) is the only NC Dart in the KMB fleet. (1996/08/05)

AA48 again. This time the bus was not in service, though the destination display showing a "203E" route number. Please click on the photograph for enlargement. (1997/11/18)

HB 6118 is a Cross-Border Shuttle Bus. The service is provided by a joint venture of KMB and a Shenzhen Company. (1997/03/28)

KCRC 503 (GN 5032) at Long Ping Estate. (1998/05/23)

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