Dennis / Duple Metsec 10.6m Trident

New World First Bus (NWFB) 3601 (VIN: SFD211BR1VGT30244) is a 10.6-metre Dennis Trident with Duple Metsec body-work. The bus was registered in Hong Kong as JT 480 on 7 September 2000 and entered into service 2 days later.

The bus was originally a demonstrator, therefore the specifications have some differences as compared with other Duple Metsec Tridents in the NWFB fleet. For examples, the rounded head-lights, and the electronic route display system supplied by a German company, Lawo-Luminator-Europa. Some other differences can be found inside the compartment. Please refer to the next page for illustrations and details.

This page and the following contain photographs of 3601, on Route 595. The photographs were taken on 10 September, 2000.

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