Dennis / Duple Metsec 10.6m Trident

Above: The rear view of 3601. It is very similar to those of other Duple Metsec Tridents. The rear electronic display did not function and the route number was printed on a piece of paper.


The centre exit is similar to those of Citybus Cityflyers. However, the automatic ramp for wheel-chair is installed on the front entrance.

Above and below: The upper-deck interior view of 3601. The type of the seats are new to Hong Kong, yet the manufacturer is well known, Lazzerini. The capacity of 3601 is the same as those of Kowloon Motor Bus 'ATS' Tridents, which is 51 seats on upper-deck and 26 seats on lower-deck with 33 standees. The theme colour of the interior is green.


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