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In the past, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal Limited ("HACTL") operated a fleet of 6 buses for the feeder bus services between the "Super Terminal 1" in the Airport and MTR Tung Chung Station for their employees. These 6 buses are 12 metres in length, 4 of them are Dennis Dragons with Duple Metsec bodies and the rest 2 are Volvo Olympians with Plaxton (Northern Counties) bodies. There appearances and specifications are very similar to those of Citybus. They were allocated 1-6 as fleet numbers respectively. HACTL later decided to close this operation and outsource this service to a third party. The 6 buses were then sold to New World First Bus ("NWFB").

NWFB allocated DA93-96 as fleet numbers for the Dragons, following the 92 Dennis Condors purchased from China Motor Bus ("CMB"). The Olympians, on the other hand, were allocated VA65 and 66, following the ex-CMB 62 Volvo Olympians. (The last ex-CMB Olympian in NWFB's fleet is VA63, while VA62 and 64 were sold to Citybus by CMB.)

To view the photographs of these buses in their current NWFB livery and former HACTL livery, please click on the hyperlinks below to access the relevant pages.

Registration Mark Current NWFB Fleet Number Former HACTL Fleet Number Vehicle Type
GR 9720 DA93 1 Dennis Dragon / Duple Metsec
GR 9765 DA94 2 Dennis Dragon / Duple Metsec
GR 9217 DA95 3 Dennis Dragon / Duple Metsec
GR 8581 DA96 4 Dennis Dragon / Duple Metsec
HP 8141 VA65 6 Volvo Olympian / Plaxton
HP 7107 VA66 5 Volvo Olympian / Plaxton

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