The Last "Hot Dog" of New World First Bus 新巴最後一架「熱狗」
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New World First Bus ("NWFB") purchased 511 non air-conditioned buses from China Motor Bus in 1998. Those non air-conditioned buses, having an alias of "hot dog", were phased out and replaced by new air-conditioned buses during 1998-2002.

As announced by NWFB, the last "hot dog" in the NWFB fleet was Dennis Condor DM28 (ES 6657), which had the last day of service on 17 August 2002. After the withdrawal of the bus, besides operating an open-top double-decker, NWFB's fleet of buses became fully air-conditioned.

To celebrate the event, NWFB decorated the bus body with a special "hot dog" livery. You may refer to the photographs on this page for DM28 in this special livery.

Above: DM28 serving the special express journey of Route 94 in this morning. (2002/08/01)


Offside of DM28 - Route 94 was one of the very last routes served by non air-conditioned buses. (2002/08/01)

Above: The rear view of DM28. (2002/08/01)
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