Farewell Victory!
20 Years of Loyal Service to Hong Kong
勝利廿載 光榮引退
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New World First Bus ("NWFB") had purchased 164 front-engined Leyland Victory-2s from China Motor Bus in September 1998, which originally started their service during 1979-82. NWFB has withdrawn all their Victory-2s from service since 1 September 2000. Dennis Condors (DM) were the only non air-conditioned buses in the fleet after that day.

LV30 (CH 5001), together with some other LVs, were the last Victory-2s in service. The bus worked on a special schedule on 31 August 2000, on Route 9. The bus was specially decorated for the retirement of the Victory-2s.

This page shows 3 photographs of LV30 on Route 9, which were taken on 20 August 2000.

"End" - End of Victory-2, end of front-engined franchised double-deck bus era in Hong Kong.

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