NWFB - Single-deck Leyland Victory-2

New World First Bus (NWFB) terminated the passenger service of Leyland Victory-2s on 1 September 2000. The company is actively searching for the potential buyers of the withdrawn Victory-2s in the fleet. One of the buses, LV24, was converted into a single-deck bus for demonstration.

The upper deck, together with the staircase, were removed. The lower deck was then covered by a roof with peaked domes at both ends. Front destination display was removed, while the side and rear display were retained.

The removal of the staircase makes room for an extra 2-seater. The seating capacity is changed to 44, while a normal double-deck Victory-2 can offer 42 seats on the lower deck.

The phototgraphs show LV24 in the event of Bus Rally 2000 on 10 December, unless otherwise specified.

LV24 (CH 1603)
before conversion. (1999/11/23)

Click HERE for the
enlarged version.

The bus does not have a destination display on the front.

LV24 together with another Victory-2, the open-top tree-pruning bus (36) of Citybus.

Nearside of the bus: The side destination board is retained.

The original staircase panel is narrowed, since the staircase was removed.

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