Jordan Road Ferry Bus Terminus

Special Day Route Diversion

In certain special days, for examples, the Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or the night when the firework was displayed, when some of the roads in the Tsim Sha Tsui were closed, some Tsim Sha Tsui bus routes were diverted and temporarily terminated at Jordan Road Ferry Bus Terminus. Here are some photographs of these examples.

Above : Route 1 for Chuk Yuen Estate - Leyland Olympian S3BL303 (EA 2789) (2002/12/31)

Below :

Route 7 for Lo Fu - Volvo Super Olympian 3ASV197 (KE 7363) (2002/12/31)

Above : Route 9 for Ping Shek - Volvo Super Olympian 3ASV250 (KG 3458) (2002/12/31)

Below :

Route 271 for Fu Heng - Dennis Trident ATR58 (HX 8815) (1999/02/17)


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