Alexander's 3000th Bus
Supplied to Kowloon Motor Bus
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Since 1979, Alexander had supplied more than 3,000 body kits to Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB"). The 3000th Alexander body kit, as officially announced, is built on Volvo Super Olympian 3ASV78 (JP 6375).

First 3,000 Alexander body kits supplied to KMB include the following bus models. This may not be accurate, since spare kits and re-body kits are not accounted for.

Model Vehicle(s) Number of body(ies)

Dennis Jubilant N5-213 & N364 210
Dennis Dragon 3N1-3 3
Dennis Trident ATR 118
Dennis Trident (Long Win Bus) 101-225 & 501-525 150
Dennis Lance AN1-24 24
Mercedes-Benz O305 ME1-41 41
Scania N113DRB AS1-22 22
Leyland Victory-2 G5-544 540
Leyland Olympian (9.5-metre) BL4-123 120
Leyland Olympian (11-metre) S3BL1-470 470
Leyland Olympian (12-metre) 3BL2-163 162
Leyland Olympian (Air-cond.) AL1-150 150
Volvo B10MD VMD1 1
Volvo Olympian (Non air-cond.) S3V1-30 30
Volvo Olympian (11-metre) AV1-531 531
Volvo Olympian (12-metre) 3AV1-348 348
Volvo Super Olympian 3ASV (Balancing figure) 80


To celebrate and promote that 3ASV78 is the 3000th Alexander's bus supplied to KMB, the bus is specially decorated as shown in the photos above and below. The photos were taken on 29 July 2000, when the bus served Route 690.

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