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Dennis Dragon (Air-conditioned 11 metres)
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After Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") introduced an air-conditioned Dennis Dragon, AD1, for evaluation in 1990, the company ordered more buses of this model and first batch of them arrived Hong Kong in mid-1991. They were first allocated to Route 300, on the first day of the route.

Similar to AD1, These "production" Dragons are 11-metre long. However, they have different interior configurations and general appearance. For example, individual seats in grey or red colours were used. Also, windows of AD1 are mounted with rubber-gasket, while those on these new Dragons are bonded glazing. For mechanic specifications, the new buses are powered by Cummins LT10 engine with Voith DIWA D863 3-speed automatic transmission, while AD1 is fitted with 4-speed ZF4HP500 gearbox with the same model of engine.

Excluding AD1, there were totally 359 Dragons with 11 metres long (AD2-360) purchased during 1991-97. Configurations among these buses are more or less the same, except that 2+2 high-back seats were installed for the last batch of 80 (AD281-360). These 80 buses were also fitted with modified Nippondenso air-condition system.

AD2 (EU 7058) was withdrawn from service and scrapped as a result of a serious accident in 1996. The bus became the first withdrawn double-deck air-conditioned bus in the fleet.

AD1-130 AD131-280 AD281-360

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