KMB Non Air-conditioned Leyland Olympian (BL)
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In 1981, Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") received three 10.28-metre Leyland Olympian demonstrators (BL1-3) from Leyland. Their bodies were built by Eastern Coach Work ("ECW") in England. Among the 3, BL2 and BL3 were prototypes and BL1 was a production Olympian. However, being licensed on 24 July 1981, BL1 was the first registered Leyland Olympian in Hong Kong.

After 2 years, KMB placed more orders for 2-axle Leyland Olympian, but 9.5-metre version was chosen, and Alexander R-type body was selected. During 1983-85, a total of 120 Leyland Olympians of this variant were intorduced.

These 120 buses could be divided into 4 batches, and 4 versions of radiator bonnet were used respectively. However, many of them were replaced by a newer version of radiator for easy maintenance. Besides, modifications on body specifications were noted for these 4 batches. For examples, The windows of BL4-23 (First Batch) were divided into upper and lower portions. While starting from BL24-53 (Second Batch) and later batches, full-depth sliding side windows were installed. BL54-93 (Third Batch) were equipped with larger frontal destination display panels. In the last batch, BL94-123, the buses were fitted with ventilation system. Another special feature was found on BL121-123, which was the lowered side detination display.

Photographs of BLs are available, and are classified by the four batches mentioned above (also the 3 ECW demonstrators). To view the photographs of them, please click on the respective photographs or hyperlinks to access the relevant pages, and click on the photographs on those pages for the enlarged version.

BL1-3 BL4-23 BL24-53 BL54-93 BL94-123

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