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During 1982-1999, Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") introduced a total of 1,326 Dennis Dragons. Among them, 561 are non air-conditioned and the remaining 765 buses were fitted with air-condition units. Except 3 demonstrators, 3N1-3, which were bodied by Alexander, all other Dennis Dragons are fitted with Duple-Metsec bodies. Dennis Dragon is the most popular model in the KMB fleet, which is the 3-axle derivative of Dominator. In 1983-1984, 40 Dennis Dominators were also acquired.

For detail descriptions and photographs of different classes of Dennis Dragons and Dominators in the KMB fleet, please click the relevant links for the pages below.

Sub-pages Fleet number Last modified Number of photo(s)
Dennis Dominator DM1-40 2001-11-04 37
Non Air-conditioned (11m) S3N1-370 2014-04-15 111
Non Air-conditioned (12m) 3N1-191 2005-11-06 52
Air-conditioned (9.9m) ADS1-235 2017-07-02 44
Air-conditioned Demonstrator AD1 2005-07-03 30
Air-conditioned (11m) AD2-360 2009-12-13 50
Air-conditioned (12m) 3AD1-170 2005-11-06 18

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