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In 1998, Volvo Bus Corporation launched projects to replace its 'high-floor' Olympians. The 2-axle version of Olympian would be replaced by B7L. For the 3-axle version, however, instead of developing a new model, Volvo decided to modify the existing Olympian chassis to become the 'Super Olympian' (B10TL). Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") is the launch customer of this new model, and had placed an initial order for 60.

In order to be low-floor, the radiator of the Super Olympian is relocated under the staircase. Also, the crocks are located on top of the offside front wheel. Therefore, the staircase needs to be moved backward and less space can be used for installation of seats on the lower deck. Volvo D10 engine, which produces 285hp and a torque level of 1,200 Nm, is used to power this bus. Super Olympian is available in three standard lengths: 12, 11.3 and 10.6 metres.

The first completely built up Super Olympian arrived in Hong Kong in May 1999. The bus was fitted with a 12-metre Alexander ALX500 body which is a bit modifed from that of Dennis Tridents. The bus is 2.5 metres wide and 4.366 metres tall.

Besides Alexander, Volgren and Wright also designed bodies for Super Olympian. Wright Explorer are wide-bodied buses, with straight staircases and plug doors.

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