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TransBus / Alexander Dennis Enviro500
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Below: ATE1 (KX 675) is the first registered TransBus Enviro500. Enviro500 is a modified model of Dennis Trident, their relationships are also demonstrated by their Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). By referring to the VIN, which is SFD135GR42GTD1406, we know that ATE1 is actually the 1306th "Trident" produced. (Note: The VIN of the first Trident produced is SFD111AR1TGT10101.) (2003/05/15)

Above: ATE22 (KZ 4678) is the 22nd registered TransBus Enviro500. However, it is actually the first Enviro500 built. The VIN of the bus is SFD135GR42GTD1405, which means ATE22 is produced immediately before ATE1. The configurations of ATE22 are nearly the same as those of other Enviro500s, however, the dipped headlights on the bumpers are not fitted on later produced Enviro500s. (2004/01/11)


An rear view of ATE22. Can you find out the difference(s) while comparing with other Enviro500s? (2004/01/25)

Above: An rear view of another Enviro500 ATE45 (LB 7856). Enviro500 is the first model in Hong Kong without an upper-deck emergency exit. Passengers need to break glass in case of emergency. (2003/12/10)


Over a hundred Enviro500 buses started their passenger services during 2003 and many of them can be seen along Nathan Road. Here is ATE42 (LB 7129) approaching to the Star Ferry while serving Route 1. (2003/11/21)

Above: Chassis of an Enviro500. The design is very similar to that of Dennis Trident. (2003/03/16)


Close-up photographs of the "TransBus" Enviro500. (Please click on the photographs for the enlarged version.) (2004/06/12 and 2004/06/13)

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