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Volvo terminated the production of Leyland Olympian and replaced the famous model of buses by its own product - Volvo Olympian - in 1993.

Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") air-conditioned AV1 (FW 5572) was the first Volvo Olympian for Hong Kong, which was registered on 10 January, 1994. AV1 was an 11-metre bus, and finally KMB had introduced 531 Volvo Olympians of the same length.

In the same year, first 12-metre air-conditioned bus in the fleet of KMB, 3AV1 (GB 2607) was registered. There were 348 12-metre Volvo Olympians in the fleet in total.

Thirty 11-metre non air-conditioned Volvo Olympians were introduced by KMB in 1995. They were also the last non air-conditioned buses in the fleet.

The production of Volvo Olympian came to an end in 1998 and KMB had purchased totally 909 Volvo Olympians.

For detail descriptions and photographs of different classes of Volvo Olympians in the KMB fleet, please click on the relevant links for the pages below.

Sub-pages Fleet number Last modified Number of photo(s)
Air-conditioned (11m) AV2-531 2012/06/10 43
Non Air-conditioned S3V1-30 2012/12/02 48
Air-conditioned Demonstrator AV1 2000/08/13 4
Air-conditioned (12m) 3AV1-348 2003/09/21 20

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