Kowloon Motor Bus
Volvo Super Olympian (10.6 metres) at Depot
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Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") assembled their 49 Volvo Super Olympians with 10.6-metre Alexander ALX500 body in early 2001. This page contains 5 photographs of 2 of them. (2001/01/13)

Above: The new bus is 10.6 metres long, which is 1.4 metres shorter than the standard Super Olympians (3ASV) in the fleet.


Another 10.6-metre Super Olympian. The side panel has been sticked with the KMB insignia.

Above: The location of the radiator is moved backward to the second axis, as compared with the 12-metre version of the same type.


Lower-deck view of the bus - The staircase is also moved a bit forward as compared with the 12-metre Super Olympians, since some of the crocks that originally situated under the staircase are re-located to other places. Please also note the change in design of the panels near the centre exit. Similar to the 10.6-metre Duple Metsec bodied Dennis Tridents of KMB, no step-free seat can be provided.

Above: One special feature as compared with other air-conditioned buses in KMB is the extensive use of inward facing seats in the lower deck to overcome the constraints given by the design of the chassis. These inward facing seats are installed on both sides in front of the second axis, in order to give rooms to the radiator on the offside and some of the crocks on the nearside.

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