Long Win Bus
Bus Body Advertisements

This page contains buses of Long Win Bus ("LWB") wearing advertisements.
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  • HD 2599 wearing the Skymart advertisement. Skymart is the name of the shopping mall inside Hong Kong International Airport. HD 2599 is seen here waiting to be repainted to standard Kowloon Motor Bus livery at Tuen Mun Depot, before the bus was transferred to KMB.
  • Date: 1999/01/23

  • Large number of LWB buses, include this 188 (HT 7255), wear different versions of Cathay Pacific Airways advertisement.
  • Date: 1999/06/20

  • The advertisement of Good Luck Seafood Restaurant on this 186 (HT 7204) contains a variety of delicious dim-sums.
  • Date: 1999/06/20

  • 109 (HN 4077) is seen wearing this all-black UA advertisement of 'United's States of America' outside Fu Tung Shopping Centre.
  • Date: 1999/05/01

  • LWB is an operator providing bus services to and from the airport, so it is not suprised that airlines are its main clients of bus body advertising. 211 (HT 9480) is seen wearing the Star Alliance advertisement.
  • Date: 1999/11/29

  • 192 (HT 7507) wearing the Fu Tung Shopping Centre advertisement. Fu Tung is the first public estate in Tung Chung.
  • Date: 1999/10/10

  • 523 (HU 2132) was decorated by LWB as an airliner. The advertisement was a short-life one due to the non-compliance of relevant local regulation regarding contravision advertising.
  • Date: 1999/09/05

  • The advertisement of this 115 (HN 8234) is for "Coastal Skyline", which is a residential development in Tung Chung.
  • Date: 2002/12/15

  • The Hong Kong Heritage Museum advertisement of 131 (HS 3240). This is a panel advertisement combined with contravision material on the windows.
  • Date: 2003/03/08

  • 910 (FW 3600) with a Citygate advertisement. Citygate is another shopping centre and commerical complex in Tung Chung, but unlike Fu Tung Centre, it is developed by a private enterprise.
  • Date: 2000/05/07

  • 904 (FS 7603) wearing Asia Miles advertisement, don't confuse it with the Citygate's!
  • Date: 2000/05/25

  • 910 (FW 3600) again ... with a purple Thai Airways International advertisement.
  • Date: 2003/07/27

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