Long Win Bus | 12-metre Volvo Olympian

LW6 (HD 3560) is seen still using the old version of "Entrance" and "Exit" stickers. (1998/01/31)

LW7 (HD 3999) on Route E32: In the early days, buses of this route would enter
Tung Chung Town Centre bus terminus for both directions. (1998/03/31)

LW8 (HD 4066) was seen having the first franchised bus journey to Lantau Island that
just reached the destination, Tung Chung Town Centre, from outside. (1997/05/22)

LW9 (HD 4316) after serving the guests for the Route E31 launching ceremony. (1997/05/22)

LW10 (HD 4462) just leaving Chek Lap Kok: For some days before the opening of the new airport at Chek Lap Kok, buses of Route E31 also provided services for this island. (1997/12/30)


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