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In the fleet of China Motor Bus ("CMB"), there were few buses that were very special and distinct, they were the demonstrators normally introduced for evaluation purpose. Here are some examples.

DD1 (BX 2164) was the first Dennis Dominator in Hong Kong, which entered into service in 1979. (1997/05/10)

CMB introduced two Leyland Olympians in 1981, and BR1 (CR 4443) was one of them. After 10 years, the first production purchase of the model came out, which are known as the air-conditioned LA1-5. (1996/11/09)

ML2 (CR 4882) was the only bus with 2 exits in the fleet. This day the bus served Rt. 641 at Central (Macau Ferry) bus terminus. (1998/06/04)

CMB's 2 three-axle Volvo Ailsa B55-10s were two of the only three in the world. Last route served by AL1 (CT 1094) was 914 before the bus retired. (1997/12/04)

DL1 (CV 4990) was the first Dennis Condor. The photo was taken at the junction Jordan Road and Nathan Road on the first day service of Rt. 914. (1997/05/01)

Second Dennis Condor was this DL2 (CW 3359), which was also the only Dennis Condor with Alexander body. (98/07/29)

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