MTR Tai Wai Station
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Tai Wai Station is the southern terminus of Ma On Shan Line and serves as an interchange station for Ma On Shan Line, the future Sha Tin to Central Link and East Rail Line. The southbound platform of Ma On Shan Line is integrated with the southbound platform of East Rail Line Tai Wai Station, where a cross-platform interchange is provided. Passengers are able to transfer to East Rail Line for journeys to Kowloon without having to go through any ticket gates.

Covering an area of 19,700 square metres, the station extension is adjacent to the original Tai Wai Station. The original Tai Wai Station is expanded to accommodate additional passenger flow to and from Ma On Shan.


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Model of the Station when extension work is completed.

Old Station Concourse.

New Station Concourse partly opened.

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