New Lantao Bus
Dennis Dart SLF with Manual Transmission
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New Lantao Bus ("NLB") ordered 3 Dennis Dart SLFs, DN1 (HR 6527), DN2 (HR 8273) and DN3 (HR 8473), in 1998 for the airport bus route A35. Since the route goes via the steep Tung Chung Road, these 3 Darts are equiped with different engine and gearbox from the standard one. Each of the buses is powered by a 215bhp 5.9-litre Cummins B-series Euro 2 engine, with an Eaton 6-speed manual gearbox. However, appearance of these Darts are same as other Pointer Darts because they are fitted with standard Plaxton Pointer bodies.

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DN2 (HR 8273) is seen on Route 2 for Po Lin Monastery before the opening of the new airport. (1998/06/07)

The Darts are equipped with manual wheel chair ramps on their entrances. (1998/06/07)

The rear of DN1 (HR 6527). Note there was no rear route display for these Darts, which seemed to be not quite compliant with the local statutory requirement. (1998/06/07)

A35 is the only airport route operated by NLB. DN2 (HR 8273) is seen departing Mui Wo Ferry Pier for the Airport. (1998/07/15)

DN2 (HR 8273) running along Tung Chung Road while serving Route A35. (1999/04/10)

Another photograph of DN2 (HR 8273) on Route A35. (2000/10/22)

Later NLB found that it was not quite suitable for the Darts to run on the steep Tung Chung Road, and Route A35 had then been serving by other Japanese coaches. The Darts were then transferred to serve within Tung Chung and North Lantau areas. (2001/04/28)

DN1 (HR 6527) wearing an advertisement promoting the $1 interchange discount between Route 38 and MTR. (2002/02/03)

DN1 (HR 6527) serving Route 37 near Tung Chung Ferry Pier. (2003/02/22)

The 3 Darts, including DN3 (HR 8473), were retrofitted with electronic route displays. (2004/06/28)

DN1 (HR 6527) wears the latest NLB livery. (2008/01/20)

Interior of one of the Darts. Lugguage rack, which is not seen in this photo, is installed. (1998/06/07)

The gear lever of the Eaton 6-speed gearbox. (1998/06/07)

The 215bhp Cummins B-series engine is mounted in-line. (1998/06/07)

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