NWFB - Dennis Dart SLF

Besides purchasing Dennis Trident, New World First Bus ("NWFB") introduces brand new buses of another model from the same manufacturer, the Dennis Dart SLF. This model has been very successful in Hong Kong, almost all franchised bus operators have such type of bus in their fleets.

However, the body type used on these new Darts is new to Hong Kong, which is the Plaxton Pointer 2. Actually the design of Pointer 2 body is similar to that of Pointer 1, except that there are few differences in the front and the rear design of the body.

NWFB had introduced 78 Dennis Dart SLF buses, of which the first 42 (2001-2042) are 10.8 metres long, and the rest 34 (2061-2094) are 10.1 metres in length.

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2001 (HV 3127) (Top: 1998/08/19, Middle and Below: 1998/08/20)

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