NWFB | Leyland Olympian (Non Air-conditioned)

LM1 (FV 6607)
  • When LM1 was purchased from CMB, the bus was wearing the Konica all-over advertisement. The bus is seen serving Route 104 on the early days of NWFB's service.
  • Date: 1998/09/06
  • LM1 was then re-painted to another all-over advertisement, UNICEF, with all-yellow colour. The bus is seen serving Route 82 outside Chai Wan Depot.
  • Date: 1999/02/07

LM2 (FV 7737)
  • LM2 had been re-painted to standard CMB livery with the Chinese version of "We must stop meeting like this!" panel advertisement of NWFB. This day the bus served Route 18.
  • Date: 1999/01/31

LM3 (FW 736)
  • In the early days of service, NWFB allocated LMs on Route 113.
  • Date: 1998/09/09

LM4 (FW 2045)
  • When LM4 was transferred from CMB the bus wore the "Save Our Seas" all-over advertisement. This day the bus was allocated on Route 680, which had shortly become fully air-conditioned in later days.
  • Date: 1998/09/09
  • LM4 was later re-painted with the same UNICEF advertisement as LM1. The photo was taken in Wah Fu Estate when the bus was serving Route 4.
  • Date: 1999/07/11

LM5 (FW 2286)
  • LM5 was one of the LMs without an all-over advertisement during the NWFB time. However, the bus was sticked with panel advertisement. The one shown in the photo is the Chinese version of "This Bus has Ears!". The bus was allocated on Route 8 this day.
  • Date: 1999/02/06

LM6 (FW 1878)
  • A number of different government advertisements promoting road safety were seen on NWFB's LMs. The one painted on LM6 encouraged the drivers to keep safety distance between vehicles when driving. The bus is seen serving Route 2A in Tak Koo Shing.
  • Date: 1999/02/06

LM7 (FW 3152)
  • LM7 was wearing the advertisement of CMB Hotline when the ownership was transferred to NWFB. After a few days NWFB repainted the bus with standard CMB livery. Note there was no black stripe between the blue and cream colours. The bus was not in service, though No. 23 was shown on the route display.
  • Date: 1998/11/14
  • NWFB repainted LM7 for the second time and this time was another road safety advertisement to warn the drivers not to change lanes improperly when driving. Route 20, as shown on the route display, was an cancelled route when the photo was taken.
  • Date: 1999/04/03

LM8 (FW 2508)
  • LM8 was once painted with the "Towards a Society for All Ages" advertisement. The bus was allocated on Route 83 when the photo was taken.
  • Date: 1999/05/30
  • LM8 was painted with another advertisement which aimed to encourage parents taking more care for their children. NWFB sometimes allocated LMs on Route 914.
  • Date: 1999/11/20

LM9 (FW 2788)
  • LM9 is seen serving Route 905. Note that the words "China Motor Bus" and the logo of this ex-owner were not covered by NWFB stickers.
  • Date: 1998/09/09
  • LM9 was painted with a different version of road safety advertisement which highlighted the serious consequence of over-speed. When the photo was taken, the bus was serving Route 110 in Tsim Sha Tsui.
  • Date: 1999/11/17

LM10 (FW 3858)
  • LM10 was painted with the "Towards a Society for all Ages" which was same as that of LM8. Before Route 109 was fully air-conditioned, NWFB allocated LMs on the route.
  • Date: 1999/12/11

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