NWFB Leyland Fleetline (31-foot)

SF3 (CB 5930)
  • SF3 was the oldest SF in the NWFB fleet, and is seen in the original CMB colour.
  • Date: 1999/03/07

SF4 (CB 5574)
  • The advertisement of SF4 was about human rights, which was "brought forward" from CMB era.
  • Date: 1999/11/18

SF6 (CB 6090)
  • SF6 is seen serving Route 15, and having an advertisement for promoting the Distrct Councils Election on 28 November 1999 .
  • Date: 1999/11/18

  • Another photo of SF6, while this time the bus was serving Route 914. Route 914 had been fully air-conditioned starting from the New Year's Day of 2000.
  • Date: 1999/12/02

  • The second, and also the last all-over advertisement of SF6. It was also a government advertisement, which told us: Good Health Starts with Food Hygiene.
  • Date: 2000/04/16

  • The photo was taken when SF6 was not in service and parking at Chai Wan East Bus Terminus.
  • Date: 2000/05/30

  • Question: What does SF6 stand for?
    Answer: Sulfur Hexafluoride
  • Date: 1998/10/04

SF8 (CB 8696)
  • SF8 was painted with an attractive advertisment which promoted Route 15. There were 2 verisons for this advertisement, The orange version was put on this SF8.
  • Date: 2000/02/06

  • Route 43X was one of the last routes became fully air-conditioned.
  • Date: 2000/06/24

SF10 (CB 8909)
  • SF10 is seen outside Chai Wan Depot while serving Route 84.
  • Date: 2000/05/30

SF13 (CD 1098)
  • SF13 on Route 23A: It was a normal practice that, if the destination display could not show the destination, a plate showing the destination would be placed after the windscreen.
  • Date: 1999/08/07

SF16 (CD 1532)
  • The panel of SF16 was sticked with an NWFB advertisement, which was the Chinese version of 'Didn't you recognised me, did you?'
  • Date: 1998/12/25

  • Another photo of SF16, which was taken shortly after the bus was repainted with the standard NWFB livery.
  • Date: 1999/05/31

  • This photo showing SF16 serving Route 3A, a route that operates in the morning and evening peak hours only.
  • Date: 1999/07/31

SF19 (CD 2957)
  • The all-over advertisement shown was brought forward from CMB era.
  • Date: 1998/12/25

  • SF19 on Route 2: The NWFB colour was newly painted when the photo was taken.
  • Date: 1999/06/01

  • This day SF19 served Route 88 and is seen approaching Central Ferry Piers.
  • Date: 2000/02/06

  • Route 2M is a very short route that links Yiu Tung Estate with MTR Shau Kei Wan Station.
  • Date: 2000/03/18

SF24 (CD 9071)
  • The photo was taken when the body of SF24 had just been repainted with the standard CMB livery. More SFs received NWFB livery later.
  • Date: 1999/01/09

SF31 (CE 2543)
  • SF31 is another bus painted with promotional livery for Route 15. However, the bus is seen on Route 2 this day.
  • Date: 1999/07/31

  • Another photo of SF31 running along the greenery Mansfield Road.
  • Date: 1999/11/18

  • Some of the retired SFs waiting to be demolished in NWFB Shing Tai Road Depot.
  • Date: 1999/11/06

  • Interior views of a Leyland Fleetline.
  • Date: 1999/12/19

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