Kowloon Motor Bus
Dennis Dragon Non Air-conditioned (11 metres)
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During 1986-94 Kowloon Motor Bus ("KMB") acquired 370 eleven-metre Dennis Dragons. KMB classified these buses into different sub-types according to their capacities.

In early days there were sub-types 'Dragon 11m (Basic)', 'A', 'B' and 'C', but during 1987 those in sub-types 'A' and 'B' were reconfigurated and reclassified into sub-types 'Basic' and 'C' respectively. Therefore sub-types 'A' and 'B' are void. A batch of buses in sub-type 'D' entered service during 1987-88. All these 221 buses were fitted with Duple Metsec body which is similar to those on 12-metre 3N4-191.

Forty-nine buses of sub-type 'E' joined the fleet in 1990-91. The Duple Metsec body was revised and is similar to those on the air-conditioned Dennis Dragons. Additional 100 buses which were classified as sub-types 'F' and 'G' were introduced in 1994. The chassis were originally designed for air-conditioning and the window frames were blackened.

Some features of buses of these sub-types are listed below. To view the photographs of them, please click on the hyperlinks to access the relevant pages, and click on the photographs on those pages for the enlarged version.

Sub-type Vehicles No. Features
[ Basic ] S3N1-55 55
  • Small louvres in the front dome when built
  • Upper-deck seating 67 / Lower-deck seating 29 / Standing 55
  • [ C ] S3N56-140 85
  • Large louvres in the front dome when built
  • Improved ventilation
  • Upper-deck seating 67 / Lower-deck seating 39 / Standing 31
  • [ D ] S3N141-221 81
  • Upper-deck seating 67 / Lower-deck seating 41 / Standing 33
  • [ E ] S3N222-270 49
  • Revised overall body design
  • Fewer but wider spaced side windows
  • [ F ] S3N271-319
    and 370
  • No lower-deck rear window
  • Black window frames
  • First 25 powered by Gardner LG1200 engine
  • [ G ] S3N320-369 50
  • Reduced opening parts of upper-deck windscreen
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