Celebration of Reunification

  • AL27 (ET 1852)
    Photo taken on 1997/06/29
  • This Leyland Olympian demonstrates the standard official livery of advertisement for the event. Similar liveries are found on CMB and Citybus vehicles. The original body of AL27 was burnt and it was then rebodied with this AV-class one.

  • DA57 (GX 7529)
    Photo taken on 1997/08/18
  • This CMB bus has the advertisement very similar to that of KMB AL27. This is an air-conditioned Dennis Condor, seen here on new Western Tunnel Express Route 970 (Aberdeen - So Uk) operated solely by CMB. The bus was turning right into Jordan Road at Nathan Road on August 18, 1997, Hong Kong's first Sino-Japanese War Victory Day (formerly known as the Liberation Day, being the last Monday in August). DA57 is the first of the DA buses installed with full fixed-glass windows on both sides with modified Nippon-denso air-conditioning.

  • 121 (EL 7565)
    Photo taken on 1997/08/24
  • Citybus is the first bus company that colours its buses to celebrate the reunification. The only distinct exception to that on KMB and CMB buses is the yellow background. The bus in the photo is a single-doorway 11-metre Leyland Olympian, she always serves non-franchised bus.

  • 3AV94 (GP 7512)
    Photo taken on 1997/07/13
  • KMB has 25 Leyland/Volvo Olympians wearing this special livery for the event. Contra-vision technology is applied and the feature is that, though the advertisement covers the windows outdside, they are still transparent when viewed from inside compartment of the bus.

  • ADS165 (HA 8712)
    Photo taken on 1997/06/29
  • "Hong Kong - European Union" - it should be related to the reunification event or the Handover Ceremony to a certain extent. The bus is a 10-metre Dennis Dragon, which is the shortest version of the type.

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