Route S1

Effective from 20 June, 1999, new Route S1 was introduced to replace the former Routes S51 and S61 operated by Citybus and Long Win Bus (LWB) respectively. The new route is jointly operated by the both companies.

Both of the former Routes S51 and S61 provided bus services between MTR Tung Chung Station and the Airport Passenger Terminal. However, their routeings were different. Route S61 was more direct while Route S51 served more 'land-side' areas on the Airport Island.

Due to over-estimation of passengers' demand for Airport - Tung Chung Shuttle Bus Services (the 'S' routes), the Government decided to rearrange the network of them. The replacement of Routes S51 and S61 by the new Route S1 formed part of the rearrangement. Actually routeing of the new Route S1 is the same as the former Route S61.

There was once an old Route S1 operated by Citybus from 1 June, 1997 to 21 June, 1998, providing bus service bewteen Tung Chung Town Centre and Chek Lap Kok Temporary Bus Terminus. The route number has now been re-used by this new Route S1.

Four photographs taken on the first day of the new Route S1, are available on this page. (1999/06/20)

LWB Dennis Lance 907 (FS 7880).

LWB Dennis Lance 909 (FU 5663).

Citybus Volvo B6LE 1346 (HV 4669).

Citybus Volvo B6LE 1337 (HU 2986).

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