Sham Shui Po Ferry Bus Terminus
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Above: Dennis Dominator DM15 (DB 1256) serving Route 36A from Lei Muk Shue. The bus was wearing an attractive overall advertisement.


Route 212 was another route that provided services between Sham Shui Po Ferry and Whampoa Gardens. The route was allocated with both Dennis Dragons and Mitsubishi Fuso MK117s. AM60 (EU 9596) is one of the MK117s.

Above: Dennis Dragon ADS127 (GU 7109): Note the different font used on the destination plate.


AV180 (GZ 6096) on Route 914: This bus was fitted with an electronic route and destination display device. (1998/08/13)

MCW Super Metrobus ML34 (DA 3002) is an NWFB bus. The ancestor of Route 914, Route 114, was introduced in 1992 in order to compensate the termination of ferry services between Sham Shui Po and Central. After the opening of Western Harbour Tunnel, Route 114 was modified to become Route 914 and the destination in the Island side was changed from Macau Ferry Terminal to Causeway Bay (Tin Hau).


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