CMB - Volvo Olympian

The first air-conditioned Volvo Olympian (The VA-series) of China Motor Bus (CMB) entered service in late-1994 and altogether there are 64 buses of this model in the fleet. They were introduced by 3 batches, 30 (VA1-30) in the first batch, 20 in the second batch (VA31-50) and 14 (VA51-64) in the last batch. VA64 is also the last bus purchased by CMB for its franchised bus business.

Two Olympians, VA12 and 13, were painted with the Rt. A20 advertisement on their bodies. VA13 / GE 9574 is seen here on Rt. 112 towards North Point at Tonkin Street (1998/07/17).

VA23 / GG 3083 at the former Central terminus. Here is where Routes 4 and 7 terminated in pervious days, while both of the two routes now terminate near the new Central Ferry Piers. Owing to the need to make room for the MTR Hong Kong Station, land had been reclaimed, and ferry piers and bus termini had to be re-aligned (1995/02/07).

The main difference of the second batch of Volvo Olympians from the first batch is the modified Nippondenso air conditioned unit. VA31 / GV 1897 is the first bus of this batch, which wore the advertisement of 'Marlboro Lights' during most of the time in CMB, and the bus was repainted in standard livery during August 1998 (1998/05/20).

VA42 / GV9212 on Des Voeux Road Central near Chater Garden. The bus is seen serving Rt. 111 towards Ping Shek (1998/08/09).

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VA51, VA52, VA54 and VA56.

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