Jordan (Wui Cheung Road) Bus Terminus
佐敦 (匯翔道) 巴士總站
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Jordan (Wui Cheung Road) bus terminus located at the junction of Wui Cheung Road and Lin Cheung Road. The bus terminus replaced the 70 year-old Jordan Road Ferry Bus Terminus and started operations on 23 February 2003.

At the opening of the terminus, it accomodated 13 bus routes. The bus terminus was further replaced by Jordan (To Wah Road) bus terminus starting from 20 December 2009. The site would be used as a part of the West Kowloon Terminus of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

Under construction Under construction Under construction
2002/11/10 2002/12/07 2003/01/04

First day of operations First day of operations ... to be demolished ... to be demolished
2003/02/23 2003/02/23 2009/12/24 2010/01/16

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