Kwoon Chung Motors MAN 24.310
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Some years ago Citybus ordered 31 MAN 24.310 HOCLNR double-deckers with Berkhof bodies, but the order was finally withdrawn. Among these 31 buses, 30 were later acquired by Kowloon Motor Bus and the remaining 1 went to Kwoon Chung Motors. The bus was subsequently registered as JN 4886 on 2000/05/23.

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Above All: JN 4886 is seen allocated to the morning peak hour service of New Lantao Bus (franchised) Route 38. (2004/06/25)

Below All:

JN 4886 participated in an activity organized by Bus Fan World, a local bus enthusiasts' organization. (2001/10/14)

  • Two photographs showing the nearside of JN 4886 at the bus terminus of Yuen Long Industrial Estate. The other bus in the photographs is Kowloon Motor Bus AMN27 (JV 1681), which is also come from the same batch of 31 MAN / Berkhof 24.310s originally ordered by Citybus.

  • Two photographs showing the offsides of the two buses outside Tung Chung Ferry Pier.

  • Two photographs showing the rears of the two buses, again, outside Tung Chung Ferry Pier. Note that there is a CCTV device installed below the rear destination display of JN 4886.

  • Upper-deck interior compartment of JN 4886. The original Citybus seats are retained.

  • A close up to the seats of JN 4886. Note the differences between them and those on AMN27 shown on the right.

  • Lower-deck compartment of JN 4886.

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